One week of Twitter was very interesting.  I have  had a Myspace and Facebook  account since I was in high school.   Both those sites have status updates which Twitter only consists of.  I really didn’t like Twitter.  It was a great way to connect with classmates but overall I feel that I already have enough sites that are good for networking.  When I am on Facebook and Myspace I find myself avoiding the status updates.  This week of Twitter was a little different.  Having to do tweets was forcing me to be some what social which is something I avoid outside of work.  I just am not the type of person that likes everyone to know what is going on with me at every second.  Twitter wasn’t all that useful for me but I will try to continue using it a little bit to see if it will warm up to me.  The advantages I found with Twitter was that it is a very quick and easy way to contact somone.  Twitter is very simple and easy to use,  it seems that everything you want to say is limited by a number and I kind of like that.  All the messages are always straight to the point and people on Twitter are very helpful.  It seemed like people were always open to suggestion and quick to give one which takes longer on other social networks like Facebook and Myspace.  Twitter seemed to be more of a distraction for me.  It became my reason to prorastinate on other assignments even though all I did on it was read other peoples tweets.


~ by atle1 on January 30, 2009.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about our One Week of Twitter assignment.

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