1. In the movie Conrad displayed the qualities of an absolutist.  Throughout the movie because his actions show he has no regards for others or the consequenses that follow his fast acting decisions.  He even created a whole war with the Albanian government to make the president\’s scandalous affair seen less important and to sway the public by showing the president in a better light.  He had no concern or care about Albanian backlash.
  2. Conrad was completely unethical when it came to the PRSA Code of Ethics.  He broke all six values of advocacy, honesty, expertise, loyalty, fairness and independence.  Conrad\’s actions throughout the movie showed just how much he didn\’t care for others.  He was brought in as \”Mr. Fix-it\” to clean up the presidents situation and get him re-elected and other than that he didn\’t care at all about what his decisions did to others.  He used, munipulated, and lied to people just to get what he wanted and that is what makes him unethical.
  3. The phrase \”Wag the Dog\” was a perfect title for the movie.  In the beginning of the movie it said \”Why does a dog wag its tail? Because a dog is smarter than its tail. If the tail were smarter, the tail would wag the dog.\”  In the movie it seemed as if Conrad was the tail and the public is the dog.  Conrad spins the public and media and gets them to feel how he wants them to feel.  His objective was to make things better without having others find out what was really going on.  In this case the tail was smarted than the dog.
  4. Conrad has touched both sides of the fence when it comes to positive and negative stereotypes for PR.  The negative things the movie showed about PR is that it can be a dirty business full of lies and manipulation if you get with the worng people but on the more positive side this movie shows just what PR can do.  Conrad worked on the presidents image and for the time being Conrad was doing his job and looking out for the best interest of his client.

~ by atle1 on February 16, 2009.

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