PR History Recap

The day the Evolution of Public Relations was discussed in class I was sick.  Looking over the chapter myself I found many interesting things about the history of public relations.  One thing I found interesting was how far the practice of  it has gone.  Some of the public relations practices go way back to the Egyptian and Roman Times.  The way people began to settle America was helped and publicized by public relations techniques.  Some of our major historical events like the Boston Tea Party and the publication of Common Sense also had its fair share of ties with public relations.  It also played a role to our independence by the way Americans spread their news.  In the chapter it also talked about some of the early pioneers of public relations such as Arthur W. Page, Benjamin Sonnenberg, and Rex Harlow to name a few.  The most important pioneer being Edward Bernay who is also referred to as the “father of public relations.”  There has been many different people and things to effect the evolution of public relations.  Over time public relations has taken on bigger roles in different areas. The things that were expected from public relations professionals years ago have changed and today’s professional is expected to keep up with a lot more.  This field is also highly dominated by females.  I did not realize they took up seventy percent of the practitioners in America.  I feel like public relations has grown and changed a lot.  It seems as if public relations will continue to grow, effect, and change more businesses in the future.

Notes and reading are from the book  Public Relations Strategies and Tactics, Ninth Edition by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.


~ by atle1 on March 30, 2009.

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