Top 10 Tips on Job Search

In class we discussed many different helpful tips you can use while searching for a job.  Here is a list of 10 tips I thought to be most helpful!

1. Always turn off your phone before the interview. Having the phone ring or vibrate during the interview can be a distraction and cause you to not get the job position.

2. Research the person you are interviewing with. It is always good to know a little information about the person who is interviewing you.

3. Find out what the companies products are. Researching about the company you are getting a job with gives you information about where you may possibly work and what you can provide for the company.

4. Make good eye contact. Looking at the employer in the eyes lets them know you are paying attention to them.

5. Have good posture. Having good posture gives the appearance that you want to be at the interview.

6. Give a good handshake. Giving a good handshake projects good self confidence.

7. Hide Piercings. Having too many piercings make look unprofessional for certain fields.

8. Make sure the resume is clean and crisp. A clean resume is more presentable and is more likely going to be looked at.

9. Dress presentably. Having nice clothes on show that you made an effort and betters your chance of a job.

10. Come a little early to the interview. Anything can happen like getting lost or being stuck in a traffic jam. Coming to an interview early means you won’t be late and hinder your chances for a job.


~ by atle1 on March 30, 2009.

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