Seth Godin Presentation on How to Build and Lead Your Own Tribe

Seth Godin‘s  presentation I thought was very interesting.  When he started his presentation he talked about how people want more in life like more friends, sales, followers and I felt like this was very true.  Watching him talk about  made me realize a lot of things that I just never thought about.  Basically I learned that many things can be a tribe.  Fans or “followers” of a music celebrity or actor is also part of a tribe.  People who may listen to the music will always find a common ground and understanding. When the a singer dies people are sad because the leader of their tribe is gone.  Godin also pointed out that a crowd is just a group of people but a tribe is a group of people who share something in common.  When people dress alike they are making the choice to do it because they want to belong.  He also said that the three big tribes are church, work, and community.  I never thought of tribes in this broad of a sense to apply it to things that I like or just wanting to belong to a group.  He also spoke about people who have built a tribe through social networks like Twitter. This surprised me he said that Laura just makes a living just by consulting without aid of business cards or things like that.  Just being connected and part of a tribe allows for things like that to happen.

Buy TribesWatch Seth Godin on Tribes.


~ by atle1 on March 30, 2009.

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  1. Doesn’t that video make you want to create a tribe of your own?

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