At the beginning of the semester I found that I didn’t like Twitter all too much.  Throughout the semester though I have found it to pop up everywhere.  For class, I was to spend 48 hours on Twitter but I’ve really been logging on and off and checking things out since this assignment was given to me.  This second spin that I have given on Twitter is a lot more enjoyable.  Now I actually understand how Twitter works so I’ve enjoyed reading up on what is going on in peoples daily lives.   Some things that have surprised me about Twitter is how many celebrities like Oprah, Diddy, and Ashton Kutcher have joined Twitter.  I am anxious to see how Oprah responds to the tweets that she recieves.  Even today I was checking out her page and found people talking about her Earth show episode for today and was able to turn it on and see what it was about.  Twitter has been a great way to stay updated with whats going on in the media like the Dominos incident which had many comments on twitter.  Twitter has turned out to be kind of a big deal.  I never would have thought but either way you can follow me on Twitter @LilGiANt.


~ by atle1 on April 22, 2009.

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  1. Good blog. Hang in there…hopefully the economy will shape up when it’s our time to graduate!

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