Growing up as a child I was considered the “black sheep” of the house.  It seemed like I could never get things right and I was constantly in and out of trouble.  I hurt and disappointed a lot of people.  When I got to highschool I went out and got a job and since then I have been in this nail industry for eight years. I guess that is when a lot changed about me and I became responsible and did things that my parents wanted, not because they wanted me to but because I was working like them and knew what it is like to be in the real world.  I’ve been working a real job and full time school since 15.  The more I struggle with school I am tempted to just quit and stop it all.  I know logically that would not be the smart thing but even when I weigh my options I can’t help but wish I could just quit school and work on what I know would get me through this jobless economic time.  All in all I guess that is why I am only tempted.  The nerd deep down inside of me is screaming to be heard and I know graduating is a must in todays world reguardless of what you go to school for.   In this situation I will use a little magical thinking and know that I will graduate,  I just don’t know how I’ll get to that point.


~ by atle1 on April 22, 2009.

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  1. I am in a similar boat and have questioned several times why am i back in achool, so i know it gets hard. If you decide to step away from school (i dont consider it giving up) because you have a passion or a gift just make sure you have an evolution plan ready.
    I am back in school after spending several years living and being an adult following my dreams and to be back in this situation constantly has me contemplating what is actually right for me. This is what I do know, school does not have to define you and a teachers oppion on your knowledge or skill is meaningless to who you are and what you are capable of doing! Use your degree to take you gift for nails to the next level. Dont give up out of anger or frustration move on if you have something better to direct your time and energy! good luck with everything!

    • Its really rough when you don’t know what to do and I think that has been my struggle. I have always had the option of doing nails and that could be a career but in the long run I want a better future for me so I guess thats why I do keep up with the struggtle of school. Thanks you the uplifting words I hope your situation gets better too!

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