1. I’ve learned t hat Writing is imperative in public relations. Being able to write effectively is a must in this field.

2. Networking  by using tools like Twitter and PROpenMic is a great way to get connected and stay updated with the latest in PR.

3. Being in this field requires you to display good Ethics and Morals.

4. Communication in its many forms are all important to being successful in being heard and understood public relations.

5. I also learned about News Releases and Press Releases, which many people in PR write at a certain point in their career.  There is a lot that goes into them.

6. Through WordPress I have been able to write and voice my opinions and learn about blogging.

7. This semester I also did an Interview with a PR professional which gave me insight into the many different areas that PR can take you.

8. In Job Interviews it is important to know who is interviewing you and to be prepared and on time.

9. R.A.C.E. is the acronym that stands for the public relations process.  This process can help in running a successful PR campaign.

10.Doing  Internships are very important.  The more you have the better chances of getting a job.

This is only a list of 10 but there is so much more that I have learned in my Intro to PR class.  I have always had an idea of what PR is but this semester I learned so much more about what is needed to be successful in this field. This class has showed me the importance of keeping up with things and staying connected.  Thanks for such an enjoyable semester!


~ by atle1 on May 2, 2009.

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