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My Magical Cupcake Experience….

Recently when I was home visiting my parents in Savannah, my sister and I went to one of her favorite places, Mabel Francis Potter’s Cupcake Emporium.  She brought me into this quaint little cupcake shop located in downtown Savannah, Ga. Being there made me feel as if I have been deprived all my life of this great celebration for my mouth that we like to call cupcakes.  As I looked through the glass I was overwhelmed by the assortment of mouthwatering cupcakes like pistachio, french toast, key lime, banana split,  and classics like velvet cake and many others.  I didn’t know where to begin so I picked some to eat there and took a box or two home.  Being there brought out a nostalgic time of elementary school and the excitement of whipped icing and a sweet little cake in a cup.  Every bite of the cupcakes were memorable and special.  Besides the delectable cupcakes, towards the back there was a display of jewelry,  purses, and other little trinkets. Not only were the cupcakes good, but the friendly service made the experience much more personal. My visit to the Cupcake Emporium was  magical, I’ll be sure to go back! 

My Sister, Dee Keeton (Owner), and a friend at the Cupcake Emporium.
My Sister, Dee Keeton (Owner), and a friend at the Cupcake Emporium.

Mabel Francis Potter’s Cupcake Emporium

Location: 6 East State St.

Phone: 912.341.8014

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Growing up as a child I was considered the “black sheep” of the house.  It seemed like I could never get things right and I was constantly in and out of trouble.  I hurt and disappointed a lot of people.  When I got to highschool I went out and got a job and since then I have been in this nail industry for eight years. I guess that is when a lot changed about me and I became responsible and did things that my parents wanted, not because they wanted me to but because I was working like them and knew what it is like to be in the real world.  I’ve been working a real job and full time school since 15.  The more I struggle with school I am tempted to just quit and stop it all.  I know logically that would not be the smart thing but even when I weigh my options I can’t help but wish I could just quit school and work on what I know would get me through this jobless economic time.  All in all I guess that is why I am only tempted.  The nerd deep down inside of me is screaming to be heard and I know graduating is a must in todays world reguardless of what you go to school for.   In this situation I will use a little magical thinking and know that I will graduate,  I just don’t know how I’ll get to that point.

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At the beginning of the semester I found that I didn’t like Twitter all too much.  Throughout the semester though I have found it to pop up everywhere.  For class, I was to spend 48 hours on Twitter but I’ve really been logging on and off and checking things out since this assignment was given to me.  This second spin that I have given on Twitter is a lot more enjoyable.  Now I actually understand how Twitter works so I’ve enjoyed reading up on what is going on in peoples daily lives.   Some things that have surprised me about Twitter is how many celebrities like Oprah, Diddy, and Ashton Kutcher have joined Twitter.  I am anxious to see how Oprah responds to the tweets that she recieves.  Even today I was checking out her page and found people talking about her Earth show episode for today and was able to turn it on and see what it was about.  Twitter has been a great way to stay updated with whats going on in the media like the Dominos incident which had many comments on twitter.  Twitter has turned out to be kind of a big deal.  I never would have thought but either way you can follow me on Twitter @LilGiANt.

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In chapter fourteen the main focus was on news releases, media alerts, and pitch letters.  This chapter gave me a little insight into the kind of work that PR entails.  News releases are very important because it is sent around for editors and journalists  so that they can use it in articles.  As a person in PR it is important to be able to write  in a journalistic style because the work that you are doing will be “pitch” to journalists and editors.  There is a lot of work that goes into the image or the release of a product or company.

Notes and reading are from the textbook  Public Relations Strategies and Tactics, Ninth Edition by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.

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Chapter eleven was about reaching a multicultural and diverse audience.  Reading this chapter shows how important it is to reach out to other races.  In the chapter it spoke about the movie Nacho Libre and how the advertising and PR campaign was aimed primarily to the Mexican American market and it had a good response.  This chapter showed that their are many different audiences that can be reached like men, women,  gay/lesbian, church groups,  and many more.  There is a large demographic to reach and many different ways to do it like print media, radio, and internet to name a few.  As the US continues to grow, the need to understand other demographics  and to communicate the right message to them  will be a must.

Notes and reading are from the textbook  Public Relations Strategies and Tactics, Ninth Edition by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.